Conditions often Treated


Knee Pain

Back Pain

Neck Pain

Post-operative rehab following joint surgery

Ankle Injuries

Sports Injuries

Soft tissue Injuries

Headaches - related to neck problems

Muscle and Ligament strains

Postural Problems

Work Related Pain

Pregnancy related joint pain

Running injuries or niggles

Shoulder injuries

TMJ(jaw) Pain

Tennis elbow

Golfers Elbow

Rotator cuff injuries of shoulder

Ligament injuries

Tendon problems

Osteoperosis advice

Rheumatoid Conditions

Rehabilitation following fracture

Joanne Garvey Physiotherapy and Pilates

What I Do

Regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle are key to managing musculo-skeletal conditions. I will carry out a thorough assessment on your first visit which will help me to understand what the problem is. Once I have done this I will explain what I think is causing the problem and the various treatment options available. I will then work with you to develop a manageable exercise plan along  with treatment and injury specific advice. I am able to assess and apply a number of treatment techniques, including manual therapy, manipulation, electrotherapy, soft tissue releases and sports massage. I can also advise about whether you may need any equipment or orthotics to assist you in your recovery.

I work closely with local GPs and consultants, and may sometimes recommend referral to these specialists if needed.