Joanne Garvey Physiotherapy and Pilates


Joanne has trained with the Australian Association of Physiotherapy and Pilates and can provide one-one pilates. Pilates is beneficial and helps with the management of spinal pain and many other joint conditions. It aims to strengthen the core postural muscles in a gentle and controlled manner. Pilates has the added benefit of providing relaxation as well as improving your sense of well-being.

Pilates is a really useful technique to learn when pregnant, and helps to promote good posture and injury prevention.

Call Joanne to discuss whether Pilates might benefit you or to book an appointment  - 07906 615268

Would you like to arrange a virtual PILATES class for yourself or a group of friends? 

Virtual Classes can be tailored to your needs and requirements, whether you are a beginner, or more experienced, pregnant, or recovering from birth or recent injury .

Contact Joanne to arrange these fun sociable sessions with the friends you want to exercise with!

Classes take place on zoom in the comfort of your home - totally COVID safe.


"I was so impressed with Joanne's Pilates class. I've never done pilates or exercise classes online before this, but Joanne was able to pay personal attention to how I moved and gave everyone individual advice"

"What a fun thing to do! Not only am I able to keep fit by doing Joanne's online Pilates classes, but I can do it with friends from all over the place!!"